AGM 2019

Axe Throwing

Well Saturday 26th October was our AGM. It was pretty wet and soggy for most of the day but we had great time. 

Thanks to all our members who took the time to travel to Carlton Lodge for the day and enjoyed the activities. As well as those that visited to be part of our AGM. For those of you that don't know what an AGM is, its the Annual General Meeting of the Charity. We present our Annual Report and Annual Accounts for approval and also vote on matters which affect the running of the Charity. Things like voting in new trustees, appointing auditors and other such matters. Its a legal requirement for us so thank you to all those tat attending making us quorate ( legal speak for enough people in the room to make decisions)  

So once again thank you to

Borrowby Kidz
Youth Angels
Esk Valley Youth
Staithes Youth Group

Who all had a go at Axe Throwing, Archery, Raft Building, Canoeing and The Bridges Challenge on the High Ropes course.   

I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did and we will see you next year - I'll try and book a dry day as well.


"I particularly enjoyed the zip wire because i felt like i was flying"

Tom W, Aged 12 

“I am writing to say a giant THANK YOU for making Carlton Lodge the best experience of my life!”

Jasmin, aged 10

We can honestly say this is the best residential we have ever attended. 

Thorpe Primary School - June 2018

Everyone loved it and didn’t want to leave, even with the snow.

12th Harrogate, St.Marks, Brownies

“The rooms were excellent and the food was gorgeous!”

James, Aged 9

“The instructors made me smile because I knew I was safe in their hands.”

Kaitlyn, aged 10

 “Always a real pleasure to come to Carlton Lodge. A lovely setting, amazing friendly staff and comfortable accommodation. Can't wait for next year for more of the same.”

Ings Primary School - May 2018

"The group were all encouraged and supported to achieve their goals - amazing instructors!"

College Tutor, North Yorkshire

"This was our best visit ever, mainly due to Sam and Jake who totally understood our students. The Catering staff were so friendly and of course the food was delicious"

King James School - Sept 2018

"We were extremely impressed by the professionalism, enthusiasm and patience that your instructors showed in every activity."

Youth Worker, Hull

“It was the best school trip ever, I would like to go back and do it all again.”

Maddison, aged 10

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