AHOEC Catering Confrence

Catering conference

The 5th AHOEC Catering Conference @ Carlton Lodge Activity Centre 17-01-18

The AHOEC Catering conference has now been going for 5 years. It was developed to bring Outdoor Centre Catering and Housekeeping staff get together.


1. To further develop the outdoor education centre network in our region

2. Professional development and training

3. Share and develop proved best practice

We had 5 of our staff attend and 4 other Centre’s take part,

• Low Mill, Askrigg

• Patterdale Hall Outdoor activity Centre- Glen ridding, Cumbria

• Bewerly Park Centre- Patley Bridge, North Yorkshire.

• Anderton Centre, Chorley, Lancashire.

The day started off with introductions from Judith Worrall and Mark Faulkner from the Carlton Lodge team and everyone introduced themselves and their job roles. We then headed off to start the first seminar of the day; bush craft. This involved mixing and baking bread on the fire; we ate numerous dried bugs as part of the session and finished it with toasting marshmallows over the fire. We received a lot of positive comments about it.

Panda and Sally from our Youth team gave a very good informative talk on different subjects:

Panda-Living life as a vegan

Sally - Eating difficulties in Children and young people with disabilities.

This session was received really well with one person commenting it was the best session they had been to out of all the conferences.

The gluten and dairy free Victoria cake competition was won by Bewerly Park; they took home a tin of chocolates provided by Turner Price.

The afternoon session was a short informal talk on Food allergies and food and religion led by myself as Carlton, Lodge’s Facilities manager and this was then followed by 3 workshops run in a “speed dating theme” with everyone being mixed up so they were not sitting with their own work colleagues.

We had a review of the day and it was decided that next Year’s will be held at Anderton. All in all it was a very positive day with lots of good idea’s being shared.

Judith Worrall 

(Facilities Manager)

"I particularly enjoyed the zip wire because i felt like i was flying"

Tom W, Aged 12 

“I am writing to say a giant THANK YOU for making Carlton Lodge the best experience of my life!”

Jasmin, aged 10

We can honestly say this is the best residential we have ever attended. 

Thorpe Primary School - June 2018

Everyone loved it and didn’t want to leave, even with the snow.

12th Harrogate, St.Marks, Brownies

“The rooms were excellent and the food was gorgeous!”

James, Aged 9

“The instructors made me smile because I knew I was safe in their hands.”

Kaitlyn, aged 10

 “Always a real pleasure to come to Carlton Lodge. A lovely setting, amazing friendly staff and comfortable accommodation. Can't wait for next year for more of the same.”

Ings Primary School - May 2018

"The group were all encouraged and supported to achieve their goals - amazing instructors!"

College Tutor, North Yorkshire

"This was our best visit ever, mainly due to Sam and Jake who totally understood our students. The Catering staff were so friendly and of course the food was delicious"

King James School - Sept 2018

"We were extremely impressed by the professionalism, enthusiasm and patience that your instructors showed in every activity."

Youth Worker, Hull

“It was the best school trip ever, I would like to go back and do it all again.”

Maddison, aged 10

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