Aussie Bush Fire Fundraiser BBQ and Climbing Event

Aussie BBQ & Climbing

Carlton Lodge Activity Centre is holding a fundraising event to raise money for the Bush Fire crisis in Australia. We are opening up our Climbing Wall and cooking up a barbeque all for free! All we ask is that anyone wanting a climb or a sausage puts some cash in the ‘Donation Buckets’ that we’ll provide. You can climb as much as you like and, indeed, eat as much as you like, as long as all that spare change goes ‘Down Under’.

Our instructors and cooks will be on stand-by to make sure everything is both safe and tasty. Carlton Lodge is providing all instruction and catering at no cost; everything we take on the night will be sent to  - NSW Rural Fire Service and a number of wildlife charities.

Heck Food is providing all the sausages for free because they are the best!

Please come along and bring your family, friends and all the cash you can muster! Heck will be giving a prize to the person with the finest Aussie outfit – so bring your corked hat!

George Plant

Head of Centre

"I particularly enjoyed the zip wire because i felt like i was flying"

Tom W, Aged 12 

“I am writing to say a giant THANK YOU for making Carlton Lodge the best experience of my life!”

Jasmin, aged 10

We can honestly say this is the best residential we have ever attended. 

Thorpe Primary School - June 2018

Everyone loved it and didn’t want to leave, even with the snow.

12th Harrogate, St.Marks, Brownies

“The rooms were excellent and the food was gorgeous!”

James, Aged 9

“The instructors made me smile because I knew I was safe in their hands.”

Kaitlyn, aged 10

 “Always a real pleasure to come to Carlton Lodge. A lovely setting, amazing friendly staff and comfortable accommodation. Can't wait for next year for more of the same.”

Ings Primary School - May 2018

"The group were all encouraged and supported to achieve their goals - amazing instructors!"

College Tutor, North Yorkshire

"This was our best visit ever, mainly due to Sam and Jake who totally understood our students. The Catering staff were so friendly and of course the food was delicious"

King James School - Sept 2018

"We were extremely impressed by the professionalism, enthusiasm and patience that your instructors showed in every activity."

Youth Worker, Hull

“It was the best school trip ever, I would like to go back and do it all again.”

Maddison, aged 10

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